Finding a therapist

It doesn’t seem fair that people only get to talk to a therapist AFTER the whole ordeal of finding one. Arguably this is the hardest part, and it’d be great to have someone guide you through. Here’s some tips I think will be helpful for anyone seeking out therapy, whether it’s the first time or… Continue Reading Finding a therapist

Decoding Therapist Credentials

A friend who is not a therapist looked at my LinkedIn profile and saw all the letters after my name and said, “whoooooa, alphabet soup!” Basically noting to me that the letters were impressive, but incomprehensible. While it is important that you seek a therapist who is licensed, it can be hard to understand what… Continue Reading Decoding Therapist Credentials

Making it

I’ve been in Arizona for about a month now and wanted to reflect on what it’s been like to move forward in so many different goals in life at the same time. I unpacked a few journals that I’ve written in sporadically for years and noticed a lot of overarching themes in my life. They… Continue Reading Making it

White social workers

“Today worried me yesterday, but here I am.” This was a quote one of my clients read to me. We talked about the idea of anxiety as not trusting your future self to be equipped to handle the challenges that will happen. When you think about it, it doesn’t make sense because your future self… Continue Reading White social workers

Making bad art

I had the intention, like a lot of people, at the beginning of quarantine to do so many things. I typically have a to-do list, organized by day, that runs into next week or sometimes a month out. Not to mention all of the “when I have time” projects that I have recorded elsewhere that… Continue Reading Making bad art

Therapy in a pandemic

This week has been a lot, to say the least. I was aware but not overly concerned last week when talking to clients about COVID-19, and we laughed about not finding toilet paper or different ways to make sure you were washing your hands long enough. The panic did not set in for me at… Continue Reading Therapy in a pandemic


There is a weird cycle that happens with self-esteem – people are expected if they don’t have high self-esteem to “work on it” which in turn gives that person another expectation they are not living up to. Does being told you’re not living up to expectations help with self-esteem? Nope. There’s also this idea that… Continue Reading Self-Compassion

The Invisible Ropes

Before I started stating it on my Psychology Today profile or anywhere else, before I was a therapist or even a social worker, it would come out. People would start telling me stories about their lives and relationships, what brought them to therapy, what’s going on with them, what they feel about themselves, and somehow… Continue Reading The Invisible Ropes

Body respect

I was out this weekend in Arizona and downloaded the audiobook Body Respect by for the trip. I’ve been working with several clients who suffer from eating disorders and have also found that if I dig even a little that most of my others experience at least some dissatisfaction with how they look. Examining my… Continue Reading Body respect