Hello world!

This is Colleen, the founder and owner of Amity Counseling & Consultation here. I started this business out of a desire to do more than what I was being given. I finished my studies in social work and struggled to find new positions that I was sure would open up for me with my new… Continue Reading Hello world!

Book reviews

Since I started teaching I don’t have as much time to read as before, but I’ve got a few new books to review this month. All of these are on Audible except for EMDR Made Simple for those of you (like me) who enjoy listening while you take walks or do other things. EMDR Made… Continue Reading Book reviews

Good therapy reads

Here’s some of my favorite recent reads! Trauma Stewardship – Laura Van Dernoot Lipsky This book was recommended to me by a fellow faculty member at ASU. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to ensure that the mistakes in practice I’ve seen when I was a student, employee, intern, and supervisee aren’t being passed… Continue Reading Good therapy reads


I recently took a training to learn EMDR and thought it would be helpful to write here about it so people who aren’t familiar with the therapy type can learn more. If you’re interested in EMDR as a concept and want to know about how it’s used, the best resource I can recommend is Francine… Continue Reading EMDR

The Current Big Thing

Have you ever noticed when you tell people about something big in your life, that they jump to the next thing? You just graduated from college, and all of your relatives ask you what career you’re going for. You get married, and family asks when you’ll start on having kids. You buy a house, and… Continue Reading The Current Big Thing


Being a new professor, I find the paradox of one of my life’s goals being actually realized a bit terrifying. I think I have sought out positions and places in my life where I can have a voice and use it, but the flip side of actually being heard and listened to as an authority… Continue Reading Power

Dealing with Election Anxiety

Regardless of your political orientation, this election period has a lot of stressors for most people. Not only are there decisions to be made about the actual voting process, with concerns about voting in person or via mail, but there’s also a lot of tension between people with differing viewpoints and some fears about legitimacy… Continue Reading Dealing with Election Anxiety

MN and AZ

This post is not about therapy at all and just my observations about living in Minnesota and Arizona. One thing that’s weirdly similar is that growing up in Minnesota I was used to the idea that there is a season of the year where you can’t do things normally and the weather factors very much… Continue Reading MN and AZ