“Colleen is easily able to identify what the underlying issues are in a situation. Colleen has the unique ability of looking at things from various perspectives. She’s not afraid to address tough issues in a respectful, non-threatening manner ” – C.W.


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Hi! I’m Colleen Steppa, Founder and Owner of Amity Counseling & Consultation. I am dually licensed in clinical social work in the states of Minnesota and Arizona. I have over a decade of experience in nonprofits, including work with individuals with severe and persistent mental illnesses (SPMI/SMI), parents on public benefits, and children in affordable housing. I am currently a professor of social work at Arizona State University as well as running my private practice. I have a passion for systems change and public policy, as well as advocating for individuals experiencing intimate partner violence. I am currently accepting new clients via telehealth in either MN or AZ, and in-person in the Phoenix metro area. I am in my office on Tuesdays for clients who want in-person therapy, and I require each client to provide a signed COVID-19 release and to wear a mask while in the office. My therapy specialties are working with adult individuals on relationships, positive self-image, recovery from abuse and domestic violence, and managing stress, anxiety, and depression. I use a variety of methods including EMDR, CBT, DBT, sand tray, narrative, and solution-focused approaches.


Image of a small sign that reads “Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.”

Amity Counseling & Consultation is a certified Small, Women Business Enterprise that was formed out of a desire to mentor and facilitate stronger networks with other social work professionals and to provide judgement-free therapy for people looking to improve their mental health. I enjoy the experience of passing forward the mentoring and guidance I received in my supervision to the students I teach, and helping facilitate growth and healing in therapy. The process of drawing out someone’s unique skills and seeing their ambitions realized through these relationships is so valuable to me. I also believe strongly in the importance of social justice, both in my client work and how I view supervision.


I am credentialed with Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield insurances. If you have insurance, I’d suggest calling your provider (usually you can get to them by calling the number on the back of your card, or chatting with customer service online through their website) and asking them what your plan’s coverage for psychotherapy is and how much you’ll need to pay per session. Sometimes this is referred to as your “responsible portion” of your bill, and it may change if you hit your deductible or start a new calendar year.

If you don’t have insurance, I charge a cash fee per hour to a card I keep on file after each session. If you aren’t using insurance, I base the rate you pay on your yearly income and household size, in the range of $80 – $250 per session. If you are low income and $80 is more than you can afford per session, please check out Open Path which is a directory of therapists that charge $30-$60 per hour for individual therapy and do not require insurance.

I am not credentialed with any EAP (employee assistance programs) but I can offer a receipt of your payments, called a “superbill” that you can use for your employer to reimburse you. I also can keep your FSA (flexible savings account) or HSA (health savings account) card on file for copays or other payments so you can take advantage of tax savings for healthcare costs. Feel free to ask me about how this works.


If you see me via telehealth, you’ll probably see my bunnies hopping around behind me when we’re meeting onscreen. Let me formally introduce you! Dom Pedro (brown) and Dona Maria (black and white) are rescue buddies that drove all the way to Arizona from Minnesota with me when I moved here. Dom Pedro is a homebody who likes to stare at his reflection in the mirror and take naps in his luxurious mane. Dona Maria is an intrepid explorer who sleeps under my nightstand at night as my personal guard bun. They both appreciate destroying things that I own.