This is Colleen, the founder and owner of Amity Counseling & Consultation here. I started this business out of a desire to do more than what I was being given. I finished my studies in social work and struggled to find new positions that I was sure would open up for me with my new education and credentials, but didn’t. I found more of the same that I’d been experiencing in my previous jobs – trying to convince people that I could do work I knew I was capable of, but no one had given me a chance yet so I couldn’t prove I could. I realize that a lot of people have these struggles and that’s why I started writing about it.

I decided to quit trying to convince others and hope they’d give me something, and I began to find places I could create my own experience. I went back for my MBA so I could learn the business side of social work, I started supervising other social workers, doing freelance writing, and publicizing myself. I joined a board, the Association of Macro Practice Social Workers, which has given me some awesome friends and allowed me to develop skills in marketing, communication, and development. I’ve also started offering therapy in private practice, which has been my greatest reward so far because I feel I’m not only taking my career into my own hands, but I’m also able to have the kind of real and authentic interactions with clients that I always wanted but felt were suppressed by the overwork and bureaucracy of programs I had worked in.

This business is a culmination of all of those activities, and I hope it will continue to be an outlet where I can create a workplace that isn’t just where I want to be, but others as well. My blog is for everyone – social workers, therapists, or people from any other profession who want to get a daily dose of mental health perspective. I hope that by sharing my experiences and feelings others will feel validated and learn something about themselves.

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